【感想・考察】『チェイサーゲームW パワハラ上司は私の元カノ』3話~Review of "CHASER GAME W" episode 3~

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Itsuki and Fuyu’s pure white bride looks were too precious…

No one can touch Itsuki and Fuyu. That's the impression I got.

I think the reason Fuyu said "Thank you" to Touko was because she was dreaming of wearing a wedding dress with Itsuki.

Fuyu probably never imagined that her dream, which did not come true when she was in China, would come true. The more I look at it, the more I feel that Itsuki and Fuyu are in love with each other. When Touko asked Itsuki and Fuyu to be models, Itsuki and Fuyu were speaking at the same time.

The way Fuyu curls her hair is also beautiful...

Itsuki, on the other hand, sees Fuyu's quirk and remembers when she and Fuyu were dating, and realizes how much she loves Fuyu! And I want to say.

Looking at the environment surrounding DD, I felt mixed feelings. The more I think about it, the more I get lost in a dead end...

It may be easy to make ideals, but the reality is that things often don't go according to ideals. Sorry, I'm not very smart so I'm not good at putting things into words.

When I looked at Futaba, it seemed like her heart was worn out. Fuyu, who comes with a huge responsibility, also lacks some leeway.

I know that business isn't just about being pretty, but watching this makes my heart swell. I know in my head that the cast members are putting their all into creating an attractive, high-quality drama. The quality of the scenario is high, but it makes my heart hurt. Does anyone know?

Personally, I'm not well-educated enough to be able to perfectly teach someone about their work stance. I can understand Yuina's dissatisfaction with Futaba.

The reason why Futaba was dissatisfied with Yuina was probably because she wasted her body and mind on someone she didn't like. Futaba believes that the thought swirling in her mind was, "I worked hard to achieve results, but Yuina achieved the same results with just one letter..." Futaba told Itsuki that she was used to it, but I don't think she's okay at all. That's why Futaba had such complicated feelings.

Fuyu probably appreciated and acknowledged Futaba's accomplishments because he sensed Futaba's pain. Fuyu is not a cold person like winter or rain. You can tell that Fuyu is kind just by watching his interactions with Tsuki. Most of all, Fuyu seems to have no free time due to work...

Kouu probably ran away from home not only because of his mother's words, but also because he felt mentally cornered by Fuyu's response and felt like he had no place to belong. Even though he is doing everything for Fuyu and Tsuki, he is not rewarded. This hurts the roots of Kouu's heart.

The confession of Itsuki in the next preview is too heavy... I wonder what will happen...